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We provide high-impact encounters
conflict and peace within the mainstream school curriculum.
The VanishingPoint curriculum resources are based on the award-winning website www.rwandanstories.org, which takes a close-up look at the remarkable history of Rwanda.

Through film, photography and journalism, the personal encounters with survivors and perpetrators challenge students to think through the ideas and actions which either lead to conflict or build peace.
The many years of investigation, filming and photography, coupled with sensitive and insightful educational resources and ideas, makes this one of the most powerful education resources I and my team have seen.
Judy Mraz, Director of Projects, GTAV.
Vanishing Point teacher PD

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We will support you and your team with curriculum resources, professional development and student workshops. By offering flexible, student-focused curriculum partnerships, we hope to inspire great teaching around themes of conflict and peace!
Rwandan child
Take a look at Rwanda in 2014

As Rwanda commemorates the 20th anniversary of the genocide, explore the future they are building together.
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By exploring Rwanda's history - the origins of conflict, the genocide and their determined steps to establish peace and bring a measure of justice - these resources provide a compelling, accessible and transformative encounter with the edges of human experience.


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