Dave Fullerton in Rwanda

About us

Vanishing Point is a small social enterprise, working in mainstream education. In 2012 and 2013, the majority of our funding has come from philanthropic grants.

Our aims for schools

  • to value teachers by providing comprehensive and individualised support
  • to equip teachers to provide great learning experiences for their students
  • to provide resources and training based on best practice, through active, curriculum-focused Professional Development partnerships with schools

Our aims for students

  • to provide a potentially transformative encounter with an "out-there" story
  • to challenge them to broaden their perspectives
  • to go some way towards helping them build a healthy resilience
  • to encourage cross-cultural understanding, respect and communication.
  • to equip them to take the lead in driving change in a multi-cultural society

Ross Trust thankyou
Absolutely beautiful!
You have treated Rwanda with the level of respect and dignity its people deserve. It’s probably the best website I’ve seen on Rwanda. Congratulations on all your work with this - very important and impressive.
Benny Callaghan, formerly Outward Bound
The rich combination of video, text, images and interactive features is striking. The strong focus on first person interviews detailing their stories and perspectives of what happened and how they are trying to collectively recover is impressive.
Its potential value to future generations of students makes RwandanStories a worthy winner.
United Nations Media Peace Awards 2011
RwandanStories is a sensitive, powerful and engaging website that addresses not only the tragedy of the Rwandan genocide but also the extraordinary story of recovery and healing to the present.
It addresses important issues of forgiveness, reconciliation, racism, bullying, conflict and healing that are at the centre of what it means to be human.
Rod Yule, Manager Global Education, World Vision

Our team

Dave Fullerton, Rwanda
Dave Fullerton
Dave is a director of Vanishing Point, and its producer: he’s also the researcher, writer/editor, cameraman, film maker, graphic artist and web designer. He's an obsessive for quality media and over the past six years has learned a mind-blowing amount about Rwanda, its history and its hopes. He lives in Melbourne and has four grown-up children.
Sally Morgan, Vanishing Point
Sally Morgan
Sally is also a Vanishing Point director, its curriculum developer and educator. She has worked with young people in Australian secondary schools over nine years and has had broad experience in professional development delivery, student leadership and community development within schools. She is passionate about thinking, active citizenship and values-based student engagement. Sally runs the teacher professional development programs and classroom workshops.
John Steward, Rwanda
John Steward
John is a peace and reconciliation consultant. He has been to Rwanda seventeen times since the genocide of 1994. He led the development of World Vision Rwanda’s response to genocide trauma, and has given much of the past two decades of his life to helping people heal their memories and find a way to make peace with their past. John now lives in Melbourne and is a mentor for Vanishing Point. Without his work in Rwanda, Vanishing Point would not exist.


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