northern Rwanda landscape


Who are these lessons suitable for?

They're designed for Year 10-12 students, though there are a number of schools choosing to use them within integrated Year 9 programs.

Where do they fit in the curriculum?

There are currently twenty-two lessons covering History, Psychology, Geography, English, Legal Studies, global education, social/values education and social sustainability.

Is it just about Rwanda?

Using Rwanda as a starting point, this curriculum explores a wide range of issues in some depth: the origins of conflict, the impacts of discrimination and violence on communities and individuals, population movements, post-conflict justice and healing, and the ideas and practices of restorative justice.

In a nutshell, it is about much more than Rwanda – it is about our human inclination towards prejudice, as individuals and as groups, and the possibilities for reconciliation, rebuilding and tolerance.

What topics or themes do they cover?

The lessons cover themes including the power of ideas, human rights, colonialism, dehumanisation, trauma recovery, forgiveness, reconciliation and justice. See the lesson titles for further detail.

How do I get these lessons?

You can buy individual lessons and lesson packs as downloads. The full set of lesson, complete with all the short films from is also available on USB.

If I buy these, what exactly do I get?

Each lesson includes a digital copy of a detailed lesson plan, a set of accompanying slides, and any handouts needed for the lesson. You can have a detailed look inside the lessons.

My classroom doesn't have good internet access. Can I download the films?

At the moment, the films are not available as downloads. You can buy them on USB, with the lessons. If you just want to buy the films, please contact us.

Why aren't they free?

Vanishing Point is a small social enterprise, aiming to become at least partially self-sustaining. Income from curriculum sales in 2012-13 in going towards our work in Australian schools; supporting teachers and providing the training and resources to equip them to deliver great learning experiences for their students.

We will also be developing supportive partnerships with Rwandan schools. Among other things, we're working towards providing online connections between Australian and Rwandan students. This is an exciting possibility and we'll let you know more as it progresses!


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