gacaca in Rwanda

What exactly do I get?

Each lesson contains a lesson plan, presentation slides and handouts.

1. The lesson plan.

Lesson plan sample page 1
Lesson plan sample page 1

2. Beautifully formatted presentation slides.

These small sample slides are part of the discussions and activities in the Dangerous ideas lesson in the Origins of Conflict section.

The second set of slides is from the
Introduction to Rwanda lesson in the Overview section of the curriculum resources

3. Handouts formatted for printing or photocopying.

In the Demonising the other lesson, students are shown thirty colour slides and have to quickly decide whether the images are us or them.
handout sample page

NOTE: You only get the films if you buy the resources on USB.

The short films do NOT come with the downloaded lessons (in total, the films are about 1.2GB). They're freely available on But as with any online video, you'll need reasonably good internet access.

What format do the lessons come in?

All the lesson plans, presentation slides and handouts come as Adobe Acrobat PDF files. That means consistent, reliable formatting across computer platforms.

Depending on the lessons you've bought, when you uncompress the downloaded zip files, you'll have a set of folders something like this. (see right - this is the full set)
In each lesson folder, you'll typically find three PDFs.
  • a handout for printing
  • the lesson plan itself
  • a set of presentation slides
curriculum resources
curriculum resources

How do I use a PDF like a powerpoint?

It's really easy!

With your PDF open in Adobe Reader, hit Command L (MAC) or Control L (PC) to put the PDF into fullscreen mode. (Or go to the View menu and select Full Screen Mode).

Use the arrow keys or PageUp and PageDown keys on your keyboard to navigate through the PDF.

To get out of Full Screen Mode, just hit Escape.
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Free updates.

We're always interested in your feedback - it helps us improve the resources. Whenever we make changes, we'll send you the update.
And you can contact us any time using the details below. We look forward to hearing from you. Thanks for taking the tour!


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