Rwanda today
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Introduction to Rwanda

What have you learned?

The construction of hatred

Dangerous ideas

Dangerous situations

The rule of law

Moral inhibitions

The social effects of war

Go back where you came from

Demonising others

Vital vocabulary (Origins)

How did it happen?

A simple plan

A strangeness of mind

A genocide story

Vital vocabulary (genocide)

After the genocide

How to begin building a future

Vital vocabulary (aftermath)

What is justice?

Gacaca: restorative justice in action

Compensation and reconciliation

THE FILMS Clicking on film links will take you to the RwandanStories website
Long term effects of genocide

The most dangerous ideas

You feel broken

If you'd like just the films (without the lessons) the complete set of short films in 1280x720 HD is available on USB for $65

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Working with schools
In 2012-13 the income from curriculum sales will be used for two things.
Supporting teachers.
We understand the day-to-day pressures on teachers. We are working in Australian schools providing resources, training and individualised support in delivering great learning experiences for students.
Schools to schools.
We'll also be developing partnerships with Rwandan schools to, among other things, provide online connections between Australian and Rwandan students. This is an exciting possibility and we'll let you know more as it progresses!
What do I get?
All the resources include clear, easy-to-use lesson plans, slides, handouts and high-impact short films. They're everything you need for great lessons.
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You'll find details of all twenty-two lessons here.
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